Special Cases

If you can not find any models of ours which can fit your needs, it means you will be more available to us as a customer.

If after the talking about the printing process planning base on your industrial scale, process planning, site planning and you find out that none of our current product satisfy you. Houn Jien Co. will provide options for developing an individual product which fits exactly your needs and your merchandises

The specific equipment that we develop will not only greatly reduce the pre-training time and the extra manpower but also having a good quality and the abilities to reach your goal.

These benefits are the greatest value if you invested for the special model from us.

All these customers who made the decisions of ordering dedicated models from us reflected the decreasing of manpower cost and the improvement had been made because of the automation. It used to have several person for operating a printer in the same time which weren’t the case anymore after automation. The values bloom here.

It is the best strategy for holding technologies when facing the high competitive market.We have worked with many IPO company, injection factories and manufactories for developing dedicated equipment. We understand and cherish the value of confidentiality therefore we will sign NDA contracts for preserving the advantages of you special equipment.After signing the NDA, we won’t public any information about the dedicated equipment neither provide any pictures on any media or platform. All the expertises and experiences that we have on this particular equipment are only staying with us which can allow you to focus on your own products without distracts and create the best value by using our printers.

There’s no grey area when it comes to our expertises, our designs will simply achieve the best results comparing to other competitors.

After discussing the details of your needs, the printers that we design can fit your requirements and conquer any uncertainty which will 100% decrease the possibilities of difficulties while using our printers. Once we accept the order, it also means we will make it happen.

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