Houn Jien Co., Ltd. was established during the early manual printing period. As mechanized printing showed an absolute advantage in the printing of products, the company invested time into this type of machine. After numerous revisions, the results are the numerous standard machines displayed on our website, which covers most of the printing scope and needs on the market. You can see our previous finished products on our printing sample display page.

However, we are still improving, still transforming. Our strong development technology has helped countless production scale enterprises. Houn Jien has made all types of specialized machines to produce products for different companies under confidential agreements. No matter if your company is outsourcing or producing products on your own, we can help you achieve long-term high productivity advantage and help your company obtain sufficient market share within a short period of time. We are your best helper for keeping your orders constantly coming in.

You can find products that you have interests in from left menu. If it’s the first time of finding printers, please see the informations below or dial to us directly. TEL: +886-2-2992-9980 Email: [email protected]

How do I know which printer fits my needs?
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