About Houng Jin

Houn Jien Co., Ltd. was established in 1981 and is a supplier that specializes in the design and manufacturing of plate and screen printing machines and other related equipment. The company is engaged in the design and development of manual and automatic printing process. Houn Jien also supplies standard coloring equipment such as single color and multicolor pad printing and screen printing machines, as well as design links for related automated materials feeding equipment. Equipment produced by Houn Jien can add detailed patterns, graduations and text on products, as well as provide fast and mass printing to satisfy customer needs.

“We not only print paper, but also all types of strange and rare products.”Houn Jien’s printing equipment is not just focused on paper, but also other non-paper products. The products range from small products such as electronic parts in mobile phones, numbers on LEDs, medical needle graduations, coffee mugs and mobile phone screens to large products such as computer casing, water buckets, and car parts. Take a look at products around you that have printed patterns and they may have been made with our equipment.Houn Jien machines have been designed to have an intuitive operating method. The uniquely designed mechanisms and functions deliver simple yet abundant functions, and directly solve problems that you may encounter in your printing production. High-quality materials and a generous exterior design are used on each machine that we produce so that you can immediately feel the charm of Houn Jien equipment when you operate our machines.

This company’s equipment can be sold to any manufacturer in the world that has printing needs. Houn Jien equipment has been sold and shipped across the globe, including to research agencies and universities. We also welcome cooperation with traders who are interested in this company’s equipment. This company can provide comprehensive peripheral equipment and information so that all your printing-related questions can be resolved at one time.Our team has extensive development and production experience and can provide post-purchase maintenance, repair, and improvement support. In response to recent market demands, we have improved our machine customization development technology. This not only satisfies the customer’s quality needs and reduces the time and manpower management and training costs required for the process, but also effectively produces benefits.“When you are unable to find machines that match your needs, it means that your value is much higher than what the machines can offer”Houn Jien’s special machines are known for being compact, durable, and easy to use. In addition to basic machines that are produced according to order, our designs often provide customers with unexpected surprises. We have comprehensively integrated the advantages of each stage’s equipment so that the machines are smaller, more durable and can simply display what you need.

The management team has obtained countless patents and won the Golden Tripod Award. We thank everyone for their long-term support and care towards Houn Jien Co., Ltd. This company will continue to actively improve the performance of our equipment so that we can use the best quality products and services to meet the needs of different fields. Quality assurance and fast delivery. Customers are welcome to call for inquiries.

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